Simple, usage-based pricing

Our pricing is simple and designed to scale with your business, our plans are based on the number of monthly shipments.

How many orders do you ship monthly?

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  • Automatic Shipment Tracking
  • Email Notifications
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shipment Tracker?

A shipment tracker tracks one racking number from being shipped until it has been delivered, no matter how many status events were created during its life cycle.

If a shipment Tracker returns no result, does it count?

It doesn’t. When a shipment tracker is not supported by TrackShip the shipment tracker isn’t counted in your trackers balance.

How can I pay for TrackShip?

You can pay for TrackShip using any major credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Are there discounts for paying annually?

Yes, when you pay up-front for the year, you’ll get a discounted price and you will get all the shipment trackers balance for the entire year, so you can use the balance anytime during that year.

What if I have multiple stores?

You can add each one to TrackShip and you’ll pay one price based on the combined monthly order volume of all your stores. One subscription for all your WooCommerce, Shopify or custom apps (Tracking API).

Do you offer a discount for nonprofits?

We absolutely do! If you are a registered non-profit helping others, then we want to help you with a 15% lifetime discount. Just get in contact with us during your trial and we can set you up with a coupon code.




What if I go outside of my plan’s limits?

If you are on the monthly plan and finished your balance before your next renewal date, you can switch to a higher plan. Your renewal date will stay the same and you will be charged for the difference between the plans for the remaining period or you can renew early, this will start a new monthly subscription with the start date of the renew early date.

If you are on the yearly plan and reached your yearly plan limits, you can renew early and this will start a new yearly subscription with the start date of the renew early date.

How do I downgrade?

You can easily downgrade your plan, your shipment trackers balance will be moved to the downgraded plan and you will be able to use it until the next renewal date.

Our shipments volume changes every month, do you have plans for seasonal business?

Yes, you can select the yearly plan. When you subscribe for the yearly plan, you will get the entire yearly balance and you can use it by the end of the yearly subscription.

Will TrackShip affect my site’s performance?

Not at all. When you fulfill an order, the shipping information is sent to TrackShip and it does all the heavy-lifting for you, we check the status of the shipment with the shipping provider every few hours and we update your store whenever there is an update in the status, and it does not impacts your load time in any way.