Track. Automate. Engage.

Take control of your post-shipping workflows, reduce time spent on customer service and provide a superior post-purchase experience to your customers.

Much more than just a Shipment Tracking API

Beyond automatic shipment tracking, TrackShip brings a branded tracking experience into your store, integrates into your workflow, and takes care of all the touch points with your customers after shipping.

  • branded tracking experience in your store
  • Automate your Post-Shipping workflow
  • Provide a superior post-purchase customer experience
  • Reduce time spent on customer service
  • Further engage customers after shipping
  • Increase customer satisfaction and repeat purchases

How it Works

TrackShip adds the last mile step to the fulfillment workflow, auto-tracks your shipments and takes care of all the touchpoints with the customers from shipping to delivery.

Auto-Track Shipments with 780+ Shipping Providers

Get automatic shipment tracking updates for all your shipments!

TrackShip’s Multi-Carrier Shipment Tracking API tracks shipments with 780+ shipping providers and carriers across the globe and proactively updates your store whenever there is a change in the shipment status, from shipping, until the packages are delivered to your customers.

TrackShip brings a fully customizable tracking experience to your store and seamlessly integrates into your fulfillment workflow, and all its features are managed inside your store dashboard.

Shipping Providers

Take Control of Your Post-Shipping Workflow

If you’re tired of answering “where’s my order?!” and other time-consuming post-shipping inquiries? We hear you, you’re not alone.

Monitor all your active shipments in real-time inside your store’s dashboard and quickly resolve shipping inquiries, detect late shipments, and take action and avoid frustrated customers.

Your customers get tracking updates automatically, this helps you to save time by minimizing the amount of shipping questions coming in from customers and frees up your customer service team to focus on more pressing issues.

When the shipments are delivered to your customers, the orders are marked as Delivered, this signals to you and your staff that the order is delivered and allows you to set up automated marketing campaigns based on the delivery date.

Engage Customers After Shipping with A Branded Tracking Experience

Streamline and customize every touchpoint with your customers from shipping to delivery and keep your brand top in mind, engage your customers after shipping to provide a superior shipping experience.

Keep Your Customers Informed with Shipping & Delivery Updates

Your customers are binge watching their shipment status. Give them the updates they’re looking for! Improving the customer experience along the shipping journey will help you build trust and loyalty.

Send automatic shipping & delivery updates by email or SMS, communicate the shipment progress, delivery delays and Keep your customers happy and Informed.

Delight Customers with a Tracking Page on your store

Further engage your customer after shipping with a tracking page on your store.

Instead of directing your customers to track their order on the carrier’s website, direct them to track their orders on a tracking page on your store, display shipping information messages, make upsell offers and turn buyers into repeat customers.

Gain valuable insights on your Shipping & Delivery Performance

Want to know how well your fulfillment strategy is working?

Analyze shipping and delivery performance, with tracking data straight from your store’s dashboard. Use the shipping and delivery statistics generated from your tracking data, to report on progress and to identify any areas for improvement.

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